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Thailand's Rankings

Thailand’s Rankings

Thailand’s Rankings

For years, Thailand has been among the most successful countries in Asia for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In the ever-competitive investment environment that characterizes the 21st century, Thailand has continued to remain attractive to foreign investors.

For more than three decades, successive Thai governments have recognized that the private sector in Thailand has been the main facilitator of growth and the government has actively played a promoting and supporting role. The Thai government has taken a consistently favorable stance towards foreign investors, recognizing their importance to Thailand's economic and technological development.

In fact, government approval to invest in Thailand is not even needed unless the special incentives offered by the Board of Investment are being applied for, and most sectors of the Thai economy are open to foreign investors.

The combination of factors and the continued efforts of government agencies to reduce ‘red-tape’ and facilitate investors has led to Thailand being among the highest-ranked countries for FDI by independent observers, as well as by foreign investors.

A few quick facts about Thailand:

Thailand has the world’s:

Source : Pocket World in Figures 2019 edition

Thailand’s Food Export Rankings

Thailand has long been called “the kitchen of the world” with its abundant natural resources, highly-skilled workforce, and strength in research. The food industry contributed roughly 23% of the country’s GDP. The value of Thailand’s food industry, including local consumption and exports, is expected to reach USD 102 billion in 20171. Thailand is also one of the largest net food exporting countries in the world and the second in Asia with a food trade balance at a record value of USD 16.7 billion in 20162

Note : Exchange Rate (BOT, July 1, 2017): USD 1 = THB 34.13

Source : 1 The Federation of Thai Industries, Food Industry Club; 2 UNCTAD; 3 National Food Institute
Now, let’s see how Thailand ranks with the rest of the world.

Highly Ranked by International Organizations

Every year, the World Bank conducts a study of the ease of doing business in countries around the world. It produces an annual report that looks at domestic and medium-sized enterprises and quantitatively measures regulations affecting them, covering nine indicators for 189 economies. Ease of Doing Business 2018 moved Thailand up to 26th from the 46th in 2017 from 190 countries worldwide. This brought Thailand to the top three in ASEAN.

You can find more information about Ease of Doing Business 2018 at

In addition, in its 2014 World Investment Report, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranked Thailand the 8th best FDI host economy in the world for 2014-2016

More information about UNCTAD rankings and publications can be found at

When the internationally-respected Bloomberg News asked Multinational Companies (MNCs) to select the most-promising emerging nations in which to invest in 2015, Thailand ranked as the 11th most promising emerging market for 2014-2016.

The full report can be downloaded from

Prices and Earnings 2018

The price level rankings reveal relative cost of goods and services worldwide. Zurich, Geneva, and Oslo have the highest price, over 3.3 times higher than those in Kiev, Lagos and Cairo, which were the least expensive cities. Bangkok is middle-ranking city which is 38.8% less than New York City. When rents are included in the price level index, residents in Bangkok spend almost 47.2% less on rent than New York City residents by comparisons.

Price Levels


Excluding Rent

Including Rent













New York*












Hong Kong












* NYC = Index 100

Source : Prices and Earnings 2018, UBS, as of August 2018

Top 20 Asia Pacific Destinations in 2017

The destinations are drawn from 22 countries in Asia pacific representing 90% of all international overnight arrivals, with seven of the top 20 destination, including Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur, respectively. Thailand has three destinations in the top 20 – Bangkok (#1), Phuket (#6), and Pattaya (#8). Moreover, Bangkok ranked the first, with US$12.7 billion in total expenditures by foreign tourists.

Source : MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 as of April 2017

Global Quality of Living

According to Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey, Singapore remains its highest ranking Asian cities in 25th place. Other key cities include Bangkok (132), Manila (137), and Jakarta (142).

Source : Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey as of August 2018

Best Country Report

This report ranks nations on public perceptions of their inherent characteristics. The survey asked 21,000 elites, business decision makers and citizens to rank 80 countries. Attributes were grouped into nine subrankings that rolled into the Best Countries ranking: Mover, Adventure, Heritage, Open for Business, Culture Influence, Quality of Life, Entrepreneurship and  Power. Thailand ranks 4th in adventure. Thailand came in 15th in the “Open for Business” category.

Thailand Ranking

The full report can be downloaded from Source : The 2018 Best Countries report, as of August 2018

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