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Smart E&E Industry

Smart E&E Industry
Smart Electronic

Thailand’s export of electrical and electronic products in 2020 reaches USD 34 billion amid the backdrop of the global pandemic. Hard disk drive continued to drive forward export in this category, accounting for around a quarter of all E&E export in 2020. Apart from HDD, integrated circuits accounted for 19 percent or around USD 6.7 billion, followed by semiconductor, transistor, and diode at around 7 percent or approximately USD 2.4 billion.

Peeking at domestic production, besides the set of products mentioned above, Thailand is also a major producer of several commonly used home appliances, such as printers, air conditioners, compressors, or washers. They are produced by a network of over 2,623 companies of varying production scale. In total, 750,000 are employed in this industry, making the E&E sector one of Thailand’s most consequential industry.

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