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Telephone services

Thailand's telecommunications services are at an international standard, especially in urban areas such as Bangkok. There is an abundance of fixed lines for offices and residences. Thailand is rapidly developing an IT industry. Fixed telephone lines, mobile telephones, dial-up Internet and ADSL broadband are all available.

In Thailand, there is only one fixed-line operator that is the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT). They can install phones in a timely fashion; usually within a matter of days. Local calls are not timed and carry a fixed charge of 3 baht per call.

Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) and Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited is the Thai state-owned telecommunications company that owns Thailand’s international telecommunications infrastructure including its international gateways, satellite and submarine cable networks connections.

International calls are handled by the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), which provides direct access to just about any country.

TOT has a network of over 2 million telephone lines composed of up-to-date digital switching and long distance telephone equipment. Its nationwide services cover basic telephone as well as many other value-added services such as telefax, paging, cellular, on-line data, public telephone with coin or card, common based radio telephone, videotext and ISDN.

Fixed Line Telephones

Fixed line service remains an important component of the country’s telecoms infrastructure, with 11.48% of households connected to one fixed-line operator. As of 2020, Thailand had 2.48 million fixed line subscribers nationwide.

Mobile and Cellular Phones

During recent years, mobile cellular telephone ownership has grown at a much faster rate than landline ownership. In 2020, there are 132.59 million mobile subscribers, according to the Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. Mobile operation is done by AIS group, DTAC group, True Mobile group, CAT and TOT.

  • 3BB Broadband
  • TOT
  • True
  • AWN
  • DTAC
  • CAT Telecom
  • CS Loxinfo
  • Jastel
  • Symphony
  • TCCT
  • TIG
  • UIH
Thailand Telecommunications Portfolio
  • 132.59 million mobile phone subscribers1
  • 52 million internet users2
  • 52 million active internet social media users2
  • 47 million Facebook total reach2
  • 45 million Line total reach2
  • 12 million Instagram total reach2
  • 6.55 million Twitter total reach2

1The Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.//2020.// Thai Telecom Industry Database.//Online

2Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview by WeAreSocial x Hootsuite

Last updated: July 21, 2020

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