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1.Company name 2.Industry/Service: 3.Is your company currently promoted by BOI?Yes  No  4.Do you know that the Government has launched special measures to encourage investment in special economic development zones? (Note; Official announcement for No. 2 and 3 are being prepared.)4.1 Announcement of the Board of Investment No. 4/2557 ; Investment Promotion in Special Economic Development ZonesYes  No  Satisfied  Dissatisfied  4.2 Tax deduction policy from the Revenue Department*Yes  No  Satisfied  Dissatisfied  4.3 Soft loans from the Government Savings Bank or fee waiver of bank loan credit guarantees from the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG)*.Yes  No  Satisfied  Dissatisfied  5.In addition to the aforementioned special measures, what else should the Government do to support or encourage the private sector to invest in special economic development zones?6.Do you have a plan to invest in special economic development zone?Yes  No  If yes, which area are you interested in? (You can choose more than 1 area.) And what type of business are you looking to invest in?Tak province  Activitiy:  Mukdaharn province  Activitiy:  Sakaew province  Activitiy  Trat province  Activitiy:  Songkla province  Activitiy:  Nong Khai province  Activitiy:  Narathiwat province  Activitiy:  Chiang Rai province  Activitiy:  Nakhon Phanom province  Activitiy:  Kanchanaburi province  Activitiy:  7.Suggestions (if any)