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Policies for Investment Promotion


Policies for Investment Promotion


In order to achieve the vision, the Board of Investment has set investment promotion policies as follows: 


1.     Promote investment that helps enhance national competitiveness by encouraging R&D, innovation, value creation in the agricultural, industrial and services sectors, SMEs, fair competition and inclusive growth  

2.     Promote activities that are environment-friendly, save energy or use alternative energy to drive balanced and sustainable growth 

3.     Promote clusters to create investment concentration in accordance with regional potential and strengthen value chains 

4.     Promote investment in border provinces in Southern Thailand to help develop the local economy, which will support efforts to enhance security in the area

5.     Promote special economic development zones, especially in border areas, both inside and outside industrial estates, to create economic connectivity with neighboring countries and to prepare for entry into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 

6.     Promote Thai overseas investment to enhance the competitiveness of Thai businesses and Thailand’s role in the global economy 


Source: Announcement of the Board of Investment  No.  2 /2557

Last Updated: November 2015