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Functions of the division of the Board of Investment


The Office of the Secretary General handles general administration, including finance, issuance of promotion certificates, personnel administration, legal, etc.

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The International Affairs Division is involved with various aspects of Thailand's relationships with international organizations.

First, it is responsible for negotiation and implementation of both multilateral and bilateral agreements on trade and investment, such as investment protection, treaties on elimination of double taxation, countervailing duty, etc.

Second, it coordinates with foreign governments, international organizations, foreign embassies, and chambers of commerce to promote not only foreign investment in Thailand, but also Thailand overseas investment.

Third, it participates in discussions pertaining to regional cooperation agreements, such as APEC, UNCTAD, ESCAP, ASEAN, GMS, IMT-GT (Indonesia Malaysia Thailand – Growth Triangle), etc.

Fourth, it monitors, studies, and analyzes foreign investment trends and conducts the annual Foreign Investor Confidence Survey, which identifies how investors feel about the Thai investment regime and the overall state of the economy.

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There are 5 Investment Promotion Divisions.

1. Investment Promotion Division 1 (Bio and Medical Industries)

2. Investment Promotion Division 2 (Advanced Manufacturing Industries)

3. Investment Promotion Division 3 (Basic and Supporting Industries)

4. Investment Promotion Division 4 (High-Value Services)

5. Investment Promotion Division 5 (Creative and Digital Industries)

These Investment Promotion Divisions take care of all aspects concerning projects in the industries under their responsibility, including project appraisal, review of machinery and raw materials submitted for tax exemption, and project monitoring. Investors find this process quite convenient, as all communication with the BOI can be conducted with only one division. These divisions also are responsible for collecting and analyzing information about industries under their responsibility, and distributing it to interested investors.

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The Investment Ecosystem Division is in charge of providing assistance to investors.

First, it fosters development of subcontracting networks through its subsidiary, the BOI's Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD). It also manages the ASEAN Supporting Industrial Database (ASID) and its website to enhance sourcing not only in Thailand, but also throughout ASEAN.

Second, it promotes regional industrial development by providing investors with information on investment locations. It also coordinates and supports BOI's regional offices in Songkhla (Haadyai), Chiang Mai, Surat Thani, Chonburi (Laem Chabang), Nakhon Ratchasima, Ubon Ratchathani and Phitsanulok.

Third, it helps investors solve problems that arise and helps to remove impediments to investment by coordinating with other Thai government agencies, such as the Customs Department, Revenue Department, etc.

Fourth, it supports SMEs and community enterprises by identifying business opportunities that will receive marketing support.

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The Industrial Linkage Development Division encourages growth in supporting industries in Thailand. It provides information on subcontracting opportunities and offers its support to buyer firms seeking sourcing networks in Thailand. It helps small and medium-sized Thai suppliers achieve standards required to enter into productive subcontracting arrangements.

Its extensive database on subcontractors in Thailand provides matchmaking services for firms seeking specific components or raw materials. BUILD has the Vendors Meets Customers Program, which promotes subcontracting by arranging factory visits to electronics and automotive assemblers.

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The Investment Strategy and Policy Division develops investment promotion plans and policies.

Second, it conducts research to identify promising investment opportunities in Thailand and promotes technology transfer.

Third, it tracks economic indicators, collects investment statistics, and prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual BOI activity reports.

Fourth, the division handles all budgeting for the organization.

Fifth, it evaluates existing policy and procedures to determine how successful they have been in achieving government objectives.

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The Investment Marketing Bureau serves as the public relations and advertising arm of the Board of Investment in order to enhance both Thailand's image and foreign investors' confidence in the Thai investment regime.

Its responsibilities involve all aspects of marketing, including development of promotional campaigns, investment missions, customer relationship management, and identification of potential investors. It also coordinates and supports BOI's overseas offices in Frankfurt, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Osaka

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The Thai Overseas Investment Promotion Division organizes training courses for Thai investors who want to invest overseas. 

Second, it provides information with in-depth study on investment opportunities in target industries for investors with consultant team to guide Thai investors to invest in target countries. 

Third, it arranges seminars on investment opportunities on many issues e.g. laws and regulations of doing business overseas, market opportunity in interesting industries, etc. 

Fourth, it organizes investment missions to explore investment opportunities and discuss with government agencies overseas.

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The Information Technology Center is responsible for managing BOI's computer systems, both hardware and software. It provides a database to support the BOI's marketing and operations and implements e-Government policy to facilitate electronic transmission of data between BOI and investors.

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The main function of the Investment Services Center is to assist investors who would like to establish their business in Thailand, by providing information about investment opportunities, prospective joint venture partners, development of advertising material and press releases

It also looks after the One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits, which provides long-term visas and work permits to foreign employees of BOI-promoted companies in 3 hours or less.

In addition, it manages a research library for investors and manages the content for the BOI's Home Page, which is located at

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