Going Green: Another Step Forward

Thailand’s Ministry of Industry has recently announced a Green Industry Project that will support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop in sustainable manner by achieving 5 levels of Green Industry development, as follows:

Level 1) Green Commitment, can be reached by every factory that makes a commitment to reduce their environmental impact and undertakes internal communication to promote this.

Level 2) Green Activity level is reached when the factory/organization adopts specific activities that reduce their environmental impact.

Level 3) Green System level is reached when companies have systems in place for environmental management which comprise follow-up and assessment and review for continued development, and which obtain recognition or award for their work on the environment.

Level 4) Green culture level, everyone in the company or organization cooperates in creating environmental awareness and makes this a part of the organizational culture.

Level 5) Green network, the highest level, is reached when the company or organization works to extend their environmental network to make their supply chains green, and promotes this policy among their partners or suppliers by introducing them to the concept of processes of a green industry.


Those who can achieve all five levels within the year 2014 will be awarded the Green Industry Mark (GI Mark), which makes them eligible for additional benefits, as noted below. In the future, the project will be expanded to offer “Green Loans”, issue a “Green Directory”, and factor into government procurement processes.

It is believed that this project will help establishing trust and improving economic performance, while minimizing their usage and environmental impact.

The project was officially launched by Industry Minister Chaiwuti Bannawat on 4 May 2011, following up on a Memorandum of Understanding signed at the end of last year with the BOI, IEAT and several industrial institutes.

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