S&T Expert Search

Companies looking for S&T manpower to support their operations and investment can submit information on their requirements here. The information will be transmitted to the agencies in the STC network. These agencies will then search for the required experts in their extensive databases and will produce a list of suggested experts and their profiles which will be sent to the requesting companies for further engagement.

The databases used in an expert search cover both existing researchers/experts working in the public sector who could be mobilized to work in the private sector and an available pool of new PhD graduates with research experience in Thailand or overseas.

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S&T Expert Search
  1. Companies key in their requirements for S&T experts at www.boi.go.th/stc.
  2. STC send the submitted requirements to agencies in the STC network (within 2 working days)
  3. Lists of relevant experts and their profiles are sent to STC (within 15 working days).
  4. Info on suggested experts are registered in the STC expert database.
  5. List of suggested experts and their profiles are sent to the requesting companies.
  6. STC follows up on the progress.