Expertise Recognition

Recognizing that foreign experts may be needed to mitigate the shortage of local expertise in certain areas, STC then offers the qualification/expertise recognition service so that recognized/recognized foreign experts can have access to special arrangements for visas and work permits. The recognition of expertise/qualifications will be done by the relevant authorities in the STC network such as the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (for IT experts) and the Ministry of Science and NRCT (for S&T experts).

Expertise Recognition Application Click Here

How to Obtain Recognition of Foreign Experts’ Qualifications
  1. Companies apply online at for expertise recognition on behalf of the foreign experts that they wish to bring into Thailand.
  2. STC sends data on the foreign experts to the relevant authority for consideration. (within 2 working days)
  3. The relevant authority reports the results of their consideration to STC. (within 20 working days)
  4. STC registers the data on the recognized experts in their database.
  5. STC notifies the companies.