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Government Policy Statement
The government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has presented its Policy Statement to the Council of Ministers, in which it outlines the current state of affairs in Thailand and the policy direction the government will take in administering the affairs of state. From the outset the statement makes clear that Thailand needs to make better use of its natural resources and talent to get more value from what is being produced. The statement notes that “…new ideas are necessary in order to complement our existing capital.”

Industry Focus: Thai E&E Industry
With strong momentum, Thailand’s electrical appliances and electronics (E&E) industry continues to reach milestones of achievement. Seeing expansion each year, E&E is playing an even greater role in the national economy, going green as it grows. Changes at home in Thai society are actually adding to the industry’s scope. Regionally, Thailand’s E&E industry is now taking the leadership position in Southeast Asia.

Spotlight on BOI Fair 2011
Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) shows BOI its new electric car that will be on display at the BOI Fair 2011.

Company Spotlight: Panasonic
Deep thanks, strong optimism and quality products describe the Panasonic Group of Companies in Thailand. This year the group is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Panasonic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as the first overseas manufacturing company for Panasonic after the Second World War. A top foreign investor and employer in Thailand, Panasonic now runs a total of 22 companies here. This includes 12 manufacturing plants, five sales companies, and management, R&D, finance and insurance operations. The group employs about 18,000 people locally.

Why Thailand?
Thailand has been an investor’s dream location for well over two decades, attracting many of the global Fortune 500 companies to establish manufacturing facilities in the country. The success that it has enjoyed in its industrial and economic growth was recognized earlier this year in the revision of the World Bank’s ranking of Thailand to be classified as an upper middle income country. In addition to the Bank’s ranking of Thailand as 19th in the world for its Ease of Doing Business, there is much more to attract investors.

Thailand's Auto Boost
The government has approved guidelines for a first-car buyer program that it hopes will contribute to the growth of the automotive industry by refunding taxes for first-time car buyers. A central fund will be established with 100 million baht from the 2012 national budget to carry out the program and another fund of 30 billion baht from the 2013 national budget for tax refunds.

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