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OBG Report
Thailand and its people have a proven ability to overcome and prosper. Such was the praise given at the launch of “The Report: Thailand 2012,” a comprehensive assessment updating the country’s business environment.

Thailand Regions's Top Logistics Hub
As the logistics hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand offers entrepreneurs smooth connectivity for efficient business. Whether by road, waterway, rail or air, the country gives investors affordable transport of goods and personnel at the heart of the world’s fastest-growing economic region. The bottom line is that Thailand’s logistical capability helps manufacturers save costs, resulting in lower product prices and greater competitiveness.

UBS Prices and Earnings 2012
It is probably no surprise that people in Asia work longer hours than their European counterparts or that they are paid far less. This and other interesting comparisons are goods and services are documented by UBS in its Prices and Earnings 2012 Survey, a comparative look at the cost of living around the world. The survey, which is updated every three years, compares a basket of goods in 72 cities, based on European consumer habits.

The AEC and Free Flow of Investment
The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to occur by 2015 is quickly becoming a major talking point for government officials, politicians and business people on all levels in Thailand and for good reason.

Company Spotlight: JCMR Co., Ltd.
Dynamic software products are changing the world. JCMR Co. Ltd., operating under its Thai registered service mark “Thai-Fi,” feels it has one that will revolutionize travel connectivity and the entire hospitality industry.

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