Strategic Talent Center (STC)

“We help mobilize science and technology manpower to support the move towards Thailand 4.0

The Board of Investment (BOI) emphasizes encouraging investment in knowledge-based activities which are the main engines to drive the “Thailand 4.0” policy. Nevertheless, investing in knowledge-based industries, especially the 10 targeted S-Curve industries, requires qualified, highly-skilled human resources. The Government therefore needs to provide some measures that will help enhance the availability of required manpower in the fields of science and technology. The existing pool of researchers in the public sector also needs to be mobilized to support private companies in building their technological capabilities.

Strategic Talent Center (STC) has been established by BOI and other key organizations, which provides services in identifying available specialists or researchers in the fields of science and technology to support the private sector in conducting R&D and innovation activities. This center provides a mechanism which recognizes the qualifications of foreign experts who wish to live and work in Thailand. Once their qualifications are recognized, these experts will then be facilitated regarding their visas and work permits.

STC Services